Below is a range of options for treatment. All new patients require an Initial Appointment.


I am an acupuncture provider for University of Virginia employees through Aetna.  If you belong to another insurance plan which covers acupuncture or have a medical savings plan, I will give you a receipt to file for reimbursement.


All payments are due at time of service.

​Initial Appointment
​2 hrs - $210

Includes Traditional Diagnosis and Acupuncture Treatment. 

"I suddenly felt more cheerful and active and decided to live two more years!"

- 93 year old woman, retired teacher

Acupuncture Treatment
60 min - $105


5 Hours Paid in Advance
$500 (credit/debit card)
$475 (check)

"No pain or stiffness when I got home for the first time since March [8 months previous]."

- 28 year old woman with fibromyalgia

UVA Employees
Fees vary with Aetna plan