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A Fusion of Theory and the Patient-Practitioner Relationship

The style of acupuncture I practice is a blend of Five Element and Eight Principle theory. I balance theory with the information you tell me about yourself and which I gather through observation and physical diagnosis. Often, as I listen to your history and observe your physical and emotional patterns, I can help you find a path toward healing with possibilities beyond your initial expectations. I will work with you to reach your goals for health in all areas of your concern.


I use additional methods of stimulating the acupuncture points (moxabustion, cupping, gua sha, and acupressure), dietary analysis and craniosacral therapy when appropriate. For needle sensitive patients, I can stimulate the acupuncture points with heat or pressure alone. I was drawn to the art of acupuncture by the example of an older Japanese friend and mentor named Hiroatsu Sato. Along with his work he used his gift of deep listening to stimulate the healing of body, mind and spirit. I realized that was the kind of medicine I wanted to practice.

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"I have suffered with migraines for twenty five years and there have been periods of time when the pain has been unmanageable with medication. During those times I received acupuncture from Anne and immediately noticed a difference. The migraines became less intense, responded quicker to medication and became less frequent. Acupuncture allowed me to relax, sleep better and manage these extremely stressful periods."


- Sandy, Financial Planner



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