A Healing Relationship for Recovery of Health and Wellness


My intention is to create a healing partnership with you. I listen to your concerns and share my observations with you in a caring, confidential environment. Through this dialogue, we create a plan for your acupuncture treatment and for the steps you can take to assist in your recovery of health and wholeness.

Traditional Acupuncture:

Follow Nature's Rhythm to Health


Traditional acupuncture is a medical system which views the human body as a microcosm of the natural world. Each of us reflects nature's rhythmical cycles. In health, we flow with ease through nature's changes and through the changes in our lives. When illness, pain or a sense of unease arises, acupuncture gently moves us back in the direction of harmony with nature's rhythms.



Appointments & 

Contact Info


If you are interested in acupuncture treatment, please contact me at the number or email below. For directions to my office, please click CONTACT/ LOCATE above.


     Phone: (434) 825-4181

     Email: asmucker@cvilleacupuncture.com

"... As a retired MD, I was not very familiar with acupuncture, but Anne's friendly professionalism put us at ease. We are grateful - it worked."

    - Josephine B Adamson, MD


"... When I became pregnant, acupuncture proved a wonderful help with the physical discomforts of pregnancy and with my tendency toward anxiety.  I loved working with Anne through my pregnancy!"

    - Valerie Weiss, veterinarian

"... Anne was very sincere and explained how acupuncture could help me. Treatments were very relaxing and painless. I always left feeling energized, thinking clearly and completely de-stressed..."

     - Nick, UVa grad student 


"I’m continuing to observe my moods and my reactions to other people’s moods. Acupuncture helps me maintain this ‘observer.’ I don’t allow another person’s ups and downs to affect me as much."
    - 35 year old woman – organic gardener

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